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Radio Frequency is primarily used in Warehouse Management process in distribution environment as it efficiently handles the huge volumes of transactional data processing requirements and minimizes human interventions.

RF Supported Warehouse Processes: The following Warehouse
Management Processes are supported by RF
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A. Goods Receipt Processes with RF

RF supports Goods Receipt Processes with Inbound Delivery. The goods receipt for the inbound delivery can be performed based on the Inbound Delivery number, Handling Unit Number, Staging Area, Shipment Number etc.

B. Goods Issue Processes

The goods issue processes are based on the outbound delivery and can be performed for the outbound deliveries identified by Delivery Number, Handling Unit (HU) Number, Staging Area, Shipment Number, Group Number etc.

C. Put away Processing

Radio Frequency supports the put away processes and it is based on the Transfer Orders created in warehouse management.

D. Picking Process for Deliveries

King execution is based on transfer orders created in the warehouse management as part of the delivery processing processes.

E. Physical Inventory

RF devices can be used for inventory counting, enabling a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Note: The high volume of warehouse transaction processing requirements in industries like Retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Auto Components

  • Returnable package rent accounting in Sales and Distribution
  • Returnable package rent accounting in Material Management
  • Demand-driven packaging material planning such as by Dimension, Specification, etc.

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